Save on Your Next Order!

And make an extraordinary custom book for your client.

If you are an existing customer, to redeem our current promotional offer, simply log in to your account, create a new project or finish an existing project, and enter the code “BeautifulBook” during the ordering process.

If you are a new customer, you’ll need to register for an account first. Then, create a new project and upload your cover and page files.

Tips for New Customers

To design your cover, use our Photoshop cover template generator.

Your page files should be 300 dpi, sRGB JPG files sized to the size of your book (for example, your page files should be 12″x15″ for a 12″x15″ book). You can use larger page files for smaller books with the same dimension ratio (for example, you can use 12″x15″ page files for 10″x12.5″, 8″x10″, and 6″x7.5″ books). If you design spreads, you’ll need to split them into individual sides.

There are many great page layout tools to help with this process. We recommend Fundy Designer, SmartAlbums, and AlbumStomp because they are easy to use and have our book sizes built in.

Offer Details

This promotion can be applied to the first book in any order, but not shipping or custom upgrades. As always, duplicates can be added for 50% off the regular price.

If you have any questions or need help getting started, please email us at or call us at 877-472-1710.