Explore the World of Couture Book

New York




East Hampton

The East Hampton is defined by the full bleed cover and black linen slipcase with mounted front and back cover image.  The slipcase images can match your cover or can be different.  You can also have no image on the slipcase.  You can add custom printed endsheets and custom vellum inserts for an additional cost.


The Soho is defined by the imported Japanese linen cloth spine with printed front and back cover, or optional fabric back cover.  It’s available in six colors, but can also be customized with any fabric.  It also includes a matching slipcase and endsheets.  You can add custom printed endsheets and custom vellum inserts for an additional cost.


The Madison is a Soho with a fully wrapped fabric cover with a matching slipcase.  You can optionally mount an image on your cover.  You can add custom printed endsheets and custom vellum inserts for an additional cost.






The Paris is defined by the luxurious imported fabrics that are delicately soft to the touch.  Choose any of our paper types and customize with a dust jacket, vellum inserts, cover stamping, and printed endsheets.


The Bordeaux style is defined by the luxurious velvet cover fabrics that add a richness to the overall cover appearance. Silver endsheets, silver stamping and optional cover image complete the elegant presentation. Customize your book with vellum inserts or printed endsheets.


The Cannes style is defined by the selection of high-end printed cover fabric covers. This style makes a statement with the touch and feel of the printed cover. Choose from organic cotton, satin, microsuede or linen fabric covers.

St. Tropez

The St. Tropez style is defined by the unique binding called the French Fold. We hand fold each page so the folded edge is on the outside edge. The softcover version has a unique Coptic stitch on the binding edge. You can also get the book as a hardcover without the Coptic stitch. Limited to 100 pages, this style is perfect for smaller shoots.






The Toscana style is defined by the fine antiqued leather covers and the old-world stitching on the binding, all done by hand. We recommend white or cream felt paper with torn edges to maintain the look and feel of an expertly made book that has been cherished for generations. Optional debossed cover image or stamping available.


The Roma style is defined by the fine antiqued leather covers and the wrap-around strap on the cover. Choose from a single strap or the standard double strap enclosure. The spine is enhanced which is reminiscent of an old-world style book. We recommend white or cream felt paper with torn edges.






The Munich style is defined by the unique fold-over magnet enclosure on a printed scuff-resistant cover. Customize with printed endsheets or vellum inserts for an additional cost. To really customize it, consider making it a fabric cover.


The Berlin style is defined by the unique tri-fold cover. Customize with printed endsheets or vellum inserts for an additional cost. The Berlin is also available as a fully wrapped fabric cover. You can select any of the linen colors from the NY line or any of the book cloths from the French Paris collection. Choose to have your cover images mounted to the front, back and inside panels or leave it exposed to add stamping.






The Barcelona is defined by the hand-distressed genuine leather cover with the spine in the reverse of the leather. The cover image is optional. It is also available with an all leather cover instead of the 3-piece cover. We recommend the white or cream felt papers with torn edges to give it an old-world feel.


The Madrid style is a soft cover journal-style book with hand-stitched edges and a leather wrap around strap. It makes a great portfolio for showcasing your images. Cover image is optional.






The Lhasa style comes with Lokta paper covers, which are made from a bush that grows in the Himalayas. Available as a hardcover or soft cover, a fold over enclosure with hemp string and bead finishes the earthy presentation. We recommend white or cream felt paper with torn edges.






The Greenland style features an exposed recycled board cover with either a green organic cotton spine or hemp fabric spine. You can also get the whole cover wrapped in hemp or the organic green cotton book cloth. We recommend pairing with the 100% recycled paper for the pages. Personalize with an optional debossed image or line of stamping on the cover.


The Iceland style has a printed and scuff-resistant laminated cover which is trimmed even with the pages and leaves the rough edge of the board exposed.


The Alaska style features a cover with a see-through notch where you can see a small section of the spine. You can also have text exposed through the notch from the endsheets on the front and back cover. The smooth black cover is thin and flexible. The book has rounded corners.


The Antarctica style allows you to have holes in your recycled kraft paper cover. You can tell us where you want the holes placed or use our custom die that has rows of holes which allow you to see through the cover to expose parts of the picture on the first page of your book. A printed, laminated cover is an option.




If you would like us to create a book that is truly your own vision, please let us know. We have produced unique books that capture the client’s aesthetic perfectly. Contact us and let us help you achieve your design. Here are some ideas from previous styles.



Using imported silks from Japan, the Kyoto style allows you to mix and match colors on your cover. You can personalize the book with a debossed image on the cover.


The Tokyo style also uses imported Japanese silks for the cover, but it has a unique barn-door cover that will ensure your book stands out from any other.



The English style has unique cover materials, from flocked to filigree paper or velvet covers. Each book comes with a matching sheath box.


The Oxford style utilitzes beautiful pearlized filigree covers, again with a matching sheath box and cream pearlized filigree endsheets.



The Geneva style features a buckled enclosure held together by an invisible magnet all in genuine leather. It’s a cool, stylish,
and modern presentation.


The Burgdorf is like a handbag for your portfolio of images. It features supple genuine leather and a carrying strap and button
enclosure that emulates high-end style you would see in the streets of Europe.


The Rivista is our magazine portfolio presentation piece for your work. It comes as a 12″ x 15″ book, which makes an impact when you leave it for vendors or locations to promote your studio. It also makes a great duplicate copy of a hardcover book.  As of February 2018, our Rivistas have Smyth sewn spines and laminated covers for improved durability.