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How long will my book last?
  Our books are designed to last for generations, with the exception of our magazine-style Rivista line.  Our books are Smyth sewn, which increases the durability of the spine.  We use acid-free, archival paper and environmentally friendly materials. Our papers include recycled content and all of our packaging is recyclable.      
Why is there a blank white page at the front and end of my book?
The blank page at the front and back is part of the production process.  The pages are folded into signatures for sewing.  We have one blank page (that cannot have an image) at the front and back so that we can attach the endsheet to that page instead of a page with your image on it.  This process allows the first page to lay flat without image loss.      
What types of paper do you offer?
We offer three paper types: heavyweight silk matte, recycled, and white felt. If you would like to see your images on our different paper stocks, you can order a paper sample by contacting us at  Here is a brief overview of each type:
Heavyweight Silk Matte: It has a slight shine to the surface, which gives it outstanding color saturation, great shadow details, and very deep blacks. This paper matches the paper you would see in a fine-art coffee table book in a bookstore or museum store. It is an 80# cover weight paper.  The hand-torn edges option is not available with this paper type.

Recycled: It has a flat surface finish.  Due to the flat finish, it has less saturation compared to the silk paper.  The flat finish is very flattering on portrait images and skin tones. The shadows tend to be quite dark and solid. It has the same weight as the heavyweight silk matte. Since it is made from recycled paper pulp, inclusions may be visible on the paper.

White Felt: It is a nice watercolor paper-like texture and looks beautiful with hand-torn edges. It does have less saturation due to the watercolor texture, but portraits and skin tones look very flattering. The white felt is 100# text weight. This paper type is the one to select if you want hand-torn edges for your book pages.
What book sizes do you offer?
We offer the following sizes (width x height) in all styles: Square: 6″x6″, 8″x8″, 10″x10″, 12″x12″ Portrait: 6″x7.5″, 8″x10″, 10″x12.5″, 12″x15″ Landscape: 8.5″x6″, 10″x7″, 14.25″x10″
Do you have page count limits?
The minimum page (side) count for most of our books is 25, except for the Rivista which is 60. The maximum page count for most of our books is 300, except for the French St. Tropez which is 100. We encourage you to avoid the minimum because our books look better with more pages! We count each side as a page (just like how the pages in a book are typically numbered). If you need more than 300 pages in a book, please contact us.  We’ve bound books up to 450 pages.  There is an additional fee of $1.50 per page above 300.
What page counts are required for an Italian Toscana book?

Due to the unique binding style of our Toscana books, they require page counts to be in certain ranges for the binding to work. Your page counts must fall within one of these ranges: 28-30, 41-46, 57-62, 73-78, 89-94, 105-110, 121-126, 137-142, 153-158, 169-174, 185-190, 201-206, 217-222, 233-238, 249-254, 265-270, 281-286, or 297-300. For pricing purposes, 105 to 108 pages are treated as being in the “up to 100” pages category and 201 to 206 pages are in the “up to 200” pages category.

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How do I add custom stamping to my order?

When stamping is available (it is for most of our books), you can order up to TWO custom dies up to 15 square inches each at no additional charge.

When you place an order with custom stamping, please email us 600 dpi JPG files with the text or design in black on a white background sized to the exact size needed to production[at] If any custom die is larger than 15 square inches (or you need more than two custom dies), we will send you a price quote for your approval before ordering the custom die(s).

Can you make a studio logo stamp for me?
Yes!  Simply send us your logo saved as a 600 dpi PDF file at the actual size you want it to be.  The design should be 100% CMYK black on a white background.  The cost to make the custom die is $95 for a logo sized up to 3″x3″.  If you need a larger logo, please send us the file and we’ll provide you with a quote.  We keep the logo die on file and each time you want your logo stamped the cost is $20.      
What other custom options are available?
All of our books can be customized to fit your design specifications at the time of your order. Custom options include:

  • custom printed endsheets
  • printed or blank vellum pages
  • custom cover materials
  • hand-torn edges
  • fitted slipcases, sheath boxes or clamshell boxes
  • ribbon enclosures
  • customer-supplied material for cover (you can supply your own material, as long as it is appropriate for book binding)

If what you want isn’t on the list, please let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Do you still support your Aperture plugin? What other design software do you recommend?
Because Apple hasn’t supported Aperture for several years, we have decided to stop supporting our Aperture plugin.  If you have it and it works, you can still place orders with it.  You can also design your pages in Aperture, export them (they’ll need to be individual 300 dpi, sRGB JPG files) and upload them to a project in your Couture Book account. You may also want to consider switching to a different design and layout tool.  We recommend Fundy ( and SmartAlbums (  Both are easy to use, have our sizes built in, and offer free trials.    

Ordering & Delivery

I'm not a professional photographer. Can I order from Couture Book?

Our books are only available wholesale to professional photographers and designers.  If you are not a professional photographer or designer, please contact our favorite designers. They have helped people from all over the world on many different types of projects, and are very easy to work with:

Maria Mayer Feng

Amy Nave

They are both fantastic designers and super nice.  We know you’ll be happy with any of them!


Do you accept orders from international customers?

 Absolutely!  We can ship to most places around the world.  All of our prices are in US dollars.

What is your typical turnaround time?
Because our books are individually made by hand, please allow around four to five weeks for your book to be completed.  You’ll receive an email with a FedEx tracking number when your order ships. We do not ship the books with any invoices or other paperwork so you can have it shipped direct to your client.

If you need a book by a particular date, it’s helpful to select overnight shipping for your order.

If you need your book turned around in half of the regular time, we offer a rush service for an additional 50% of the price of the book. No discounts can be applied on rush orders.

Do you offer studio sample discounts?
Because we know how important it is to have beautiful books to show your customers your images, we offer a 50% discount on your first studio sample book each calendar year.  You can order two additional sample books for 25% off each calendar year.  Please contact us to get your studio sample discount code before placing your order.  Discounts can’t be applied to shipping or custom upgrades and only one discount or book credit can be applied per order.
What is your book credit policy?

The previous owners sold book credits at photography trade shows.  We honor those credits, if unused and unexpired.  To redeem your credit, enter the code when you place your order.  Book credits can only be applied to the cost of the book(s) you order. Book credits can’t be applied to shipping or custom upgrades and only one discount or book credit can be applied per order.

Can I use more than one discount or credit on an order?
No.  Only one discount or book credit can be applied per order.  Also, discounts and book credits can’t be applied to shipping or custom upgrades.
What is your return policy?
All sales are final.  However, if you make a mistake when placing your order or need to change your order, please contact us within 48 hours of placing the order and we’ll work with you to resolve the issue.

We guarantee our book’s binding and workmanship. If either is unsatisfactory or needs repair, simply ask us for a return shipping label, return the book to us, and we’ll repair and return it to you at no charge.


How long are files stored in my account?

You have up to 18 months to place your order once you begin uploading your image files.  Please be sure to keep a backup of all of your files. Images files are deleted after 18 months and cannot be recovered.


I get an error message when I try to create a new project. What should I do?
Check to see if you already have a project with the same name.  If so, use a different name for your new project.
I get an error message when I try to select a new book style for my project. What should I do?
If you try to change your project from a French Paris to a different book style, it will generate an error message.   The best thing to do is create a new project and re-upload your files to the new project.
I get an error message when I try to upload my files. What should I do?
Double-check that your files are 300 dpi sRGB JPG files.  If they’re not, resave them in the correct format and try again.  Your files should also be individual sides (pages).  If you saved your files as spreads, you’ll need to split them before uploading them to your project.